A Phoenix Quilt for Féinics

Every now and then we receive a request for a custom and very personal work of art. On this occasion it was a friend and fellow artist, the talented ceramicist Lynn Duryea (Follow this link to marvel at her work) who had a special gift idea for her niece's new born. She had seen the Quilt paintings that Kathy sells at our local Farmer's Market (See example below,) and wanted to commission her to create - A Phoenix Quilt for Féinics.

Lynn's niece had named her new boy Féinics for the Irish language word for phoenix. Certainly a great name and an inspiring challenge to create a work around. And that night as we lay in bed sipping tea Kath started penciling designs.

Many pencil shavings and eraser nibs were swept from pad to floor and the design was roughed out over the next days before we sent the design to Lynn for approval.

And then Kath got to work. She knew the phoenix was going to prove the hardest element so she started patterning that first.

She found the perfect deep patterned red fabrics for the body and wings that suggested both feathers and fire.

And with a big creative push (Holiday deadlines looming!) over the next few days the fiery plummage really started to come together.

With the phoenix in hand now it was time to start work on the background. Kath's design set the phoenix in a beautiful moonlit setting with rivers, trees and rolling hills.

The sewing machine hummed the better part of a day as all the elements were carefully stitched together.


And was sprung and done!

We raced the quilt to town to meet up with Lynn and pass along her quilted gift. She was thrilled.

Ten days or so later in a quiet post Xmas lull we received a wonderful email from Lynn - WITH PICTURES!!! (Big thanks to Erica Duryea for giving us permission to publish pictures of her beautiful boy here)

This was a great project for Kathy on many levels and moreover we are always happy when a piece of her art is adopted into a loving home!