“Dragons in the Mountain,” was an original theater work produced by Star of the Sea Studios working in collaboration with members of Appalachian State University and the richly talented community of the North Carolina High Country. The work thematically explored humanity in nature: the state of the natural environment in relation to the condition of the personal spirit.

The show was made possible through grant funding from ASUs Performing Arts Series, Appalachian's Sustainability Council and the Hayes School of Music and Department of Theater and Dance.

The production featured puppets and masks, poetry and song, video, photography and live music creating a layered tableau weaving story and place in a mythical Appalachian landscape. 

The story followed a worn down, burnt out environmental activist as he embarks on a visionary journey to (re-) connect with a sustainable energy of the soul. The audience as witness to his personal transformation encountered Ancestral Spirits, Wild Beasts, Celestial Companions, Wizards, Trolls, Gnarly Crones, Elemental Forces and of course…DRAGONS!


The Shining Seas was a creative response to the Gulf Oil Spill that raised $3000+ towards the National Wildlife Funds clean up efforts. 65 local participants joined together to form the cast, crew and puppet troupe. The show mourned the devastating environmental tragedy while celebrating the beauty of our oceans.  Featuring 40+ puppets including a 25 foot whale!!!


A Pageant in the Woods was performed in the woods of the historic Gate Hill Intentional Community in Stony Point, NY. (Retreat home to Black Mountain School Alumni - John Cage, Merce Cunningham and M.C. Richards) The production featured a cast of 30+ performers in a visionary Cycle of Life story.