My wife's imagination is reached through an unassuming door. Outside this door a line of characters waits in line hoping to be warmly admitted to her magical world of puppets. But every so often there is a particularly insistent rap at the door, and on this occasion a many armed rapping. "An octopus!" she announced crawling out of our tent at the Wild Goose Festival. And when we got home, she got to work.....

Step 1 - Transform cheap pool noodles into tentacles

Step 2 - Cover with bright orange fabric skin

Step 3 - Pattern, cut and stitch giant octopus head from foam.

Okay enough with the Steps! Next test umbrella puppet mechanics.

Attach tentacles to over-sized golf umbrella.

Next Cut, dart and glue 120 octopus suckers.

Attach suckers.

Fit and cut octopus body.

Attach head and you're done....sort of.

There are still a few yards of sewing still remaining and at least 50-100 sequins to be sewn down but who's counting. We look forward to debuting this blazing orange leviathan at our next show - Friday, September 12, 8pm at St. Luke's Church in Boone, NC. Hope to see you there!