We recently co-hosted a Four Elements themed dinner-theater fundraiser to support build efforts for our next original show The Night Farmer. Our good friends (and super loving advocates!) Francie Field and Janet Pepin underwrote and cooked the dinner portion of the evening. We supplied the theatrical magic dressing a magnificent room at The Patterson School before setting our performers and puppets loose!

So many good folks contributed to make this such a memorable event. Thank you - Andi Gelsthorpe, Carlyn Waller, Cindy Tate, Pat Kincheloe Morrison, Joanna Weintraub, Jenn Beckler, Harold McKinney, Lara Mast, Michelle Dineen, Rob Falvo, Phil Cole, Veronica Toub, Zan Valliant, Jeff Dreyer, Mountainwise and of course The Patterson School Foundation.

Here are photos from the Dress Rehearsal

And here are snaps from the last vignettes of the show - The Wild One. A Blessing of Magic and The Marriage of Art and Nature!

QUESTION - How do you bridge a one-night-only restaurant-style kitchen with a one-night-only performance space??? Why.....with a charm of faeries of course!!!!!

And did we ever luck out with the nimblest, cheekiest and most hard-working faeries in the High Country (well one technically flew down from NY but you get the idea:) They whisked plates hither and yon, entertained the crowd with wit and floral fancy, filled glasses and generally kept the room abuzz with elemental cheer.

Thank you: Jenn Beckler, Kat Dolan, Joanna Weintraub, & Michelle Dineenyou were the crack faery squadron this production so needed (and appreciated!)

Plus props too to Casey of Mountainwise Farm who also helped keep the flow flowing as well as making an amazing appearance as the graceful Lady of the Harvest!

Janet Pepin and her trio of talented cooks rocked the kitchen producing plate after plate of Four Element themed deliciousness. How about a "Dirt" salad for the Earth based course??? Or a smoking ocean terrine for the Water inspired plate? The gastronomic treats flew out of the kitchen all evening and faeries reported that the tables were lovin' each and every bite:)